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Regal Cutting Tools - Taps & Dies, End Mills, Thread Mills, Thread Gages and Drills
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Precision Abrasives - Coated Abrasive and Non-Woven Abrasive Products
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Whitney Tool - Milling Cutters, Special HSS and Carbide tools , Burr-Zit Deburring Tools
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CUMI Abrasives - Bonded abrasive grinding wheels and other abrsive produts.
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CFT - Coolant Fed Tooling including Drills, End Mills, Reamers, Taps and more
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Magnum Abrasives - Resin bonded abrasive products for precision cutting and grinding
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Van Keuren - Van Keuren has a long history of excellence in innovation of precision round and straight cylinders and is the leader in the manufacture of Thread and Gear Measuring Wires and Cylindrical plug and ring gages.
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PMC Lone Star - A Premier Leader in Manufacturing the Highest Quality Plug Gages and Ring Gages, Dimensional Metrology Equipment & Instruments.
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